Helpful Reading


By Maria Montessori

The Absorbed Mind.  Dr. Montessori’s last book.  The development of the mind in the infant’s first months.

The Discovery of the Child. The earlier writings of Dr. Montessori, as revised by her in 1948.

From Childhood to Adolescence. (Stockton Books) Including Erkinder and the Function of the University.

The Secret of Childhood. Interpreting the actions and motives of the child, with the introduction by Margaret E Stephenson.


By Other Authors

The First Three Years of Life. By Burton White (Prentice-Hall).  A guide to the developmental periods in a child’s life between birth and three years.  Based on a 1- year study at Harvard University.

Positive Discipline The First Three Years By Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin and Roslyn Ann Duffy.  From Infant to Toddler laying the foundation for raising a capable confident child.


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