October News

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October news…..Autumn is HERE!

Now that we have entered into the fall, the children are eager to rake the leaves while on the playground and observe the leaves changing colors. We will bring leaves in from outside to make collages and will make leaf rubbings. We have a Nature Table, which we change regularly to reflect the current season. Students are encouraged to bring items from home and from outside to display. There is never a shortage of things to explore!


We are going to study the parts of the leaves and dig deep into our botany leaf cabinet. We will identify native trees by learning the leaf shapes and characteristics.

Group Study

We are going to focus our group study on human body and learn all the names of our bones! We will pin punch and cut out each bone as we learn them to create our very own skeletons! These will be great decorations for Halloween!


We will all be working on our sight words (of, and, the, had, has) and words found in our environment (door, mirror, wall). These are mainly words that do not have any rules that can be recognized by sight.

The sound baskets are being reviewed daily. We are all working greatly on our muscular memory with tracing the letters and using the chalkboards. The kiddos start the chalkboard with the letters they are done in order of difficulty.

practical life


Over the next couple weeks, we will focus on using an egg beater (mixer) and a whisk with water and soap to create bubbles. We are going to refine our cutting skills by cutting bananas, cucumbers and slicing bread. Once we have mastered these skills, we will prepare a snack for the class. We plan to make guacamole, hummus and a tasty banana dessert.


We are working on our stroking and shading using colored pencils.  Gluing and cutting with control to make collages. Stitch sewing will be introduced and practiced. Once the skill is mastered we will create beanbags and miniature pillows.


Indoors we are cleaning our shoes, washing tables and chairs and dusting materials and shelves. The kiddos take pride in keeping their environment in tip-top shape! I hope they take these great skills home with them as well.

The job chart is assigned to different children on a weekly basis. These jobs include: watering the plants, feeding the fish, collecting the cups and dishes after lunch, floor sweeping and table sweeping and sponging.

As the cool weather approaches, we will be practicing our dressing skills with gloves, socks and jackets. We have a nifty way to teach the kiddos how to independently put their jackets. This is called the Montessori flip. We place the jacket in front of the child with the tag in between their feet (upside down). They put their arms inside the sleeves and lift up and over their heads! Voila! The jackets are on!! We will continue to work on the dress frames for snapping, buttoning, zipping and tying!


UP coming events:

> >Friday October 21st CLOSED for parent teacher conferences

Childcare is available ONLY for your scheduled time.

>Sunday October 30th Fall Carnival! Time TBA $5 per person, $5 for unlimited pony rides and great activities!

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