Tumble Time

Tumble Time is an exciting introduction to gymnastics class. It is a basic tumbling class where your child will learn balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. It is open to children 2 years and older. We begin each class with a series of warm up exercises, then moving on to our focus of the week. Skills are presented in a creative and age appropriate manner. Your child might come home wanting to show you a “pretzel” or the “chair in the air”; it is our way of stretching of doing an exercise in a child-centered approach.


Meet Ms. Tricia

Ms. Tricia Meredith has taught Tumble Time at Montessori for the past 5 years. Ms. Trish has been involved in gymnastics since the age of three. She has been a teacher at the school for over ten years ranging from the toddler classroom all the way up to the Elementary classroom and has ample experience in teaching children. Ms. Tricia is married to Brady Meredith and they have three daughters, Braden, Camden, and Teagan, all of whom attended Montessori.