Waiting List

The waiting list is usually long, especially for the Infant program.  It is important to apply as soon as possible. The waiting list is based entirely on the date the application is received by our office.   The average wait time depends on the program and the age of the child.  We can provide you with an estimated start date when you apply, but we cannot guarantee a date.  As children age while on the waiting list, they are automatically considered for any opening at Montessori that they qualify for by age and development.

Parents are notified by phone and email, when a space becomes available for their child.  Parents are given 48 hours to notify us of their decision to either accept or decline the opening.  The spot is accepted through a deposit.  The deposit is ½ of one month’s tuition, and is kept on file.  A minimum of 30 days written notice is required for the deposit to be applied to the final month’s bill.  The written notice must be turned in the first of the month.

If parents decline the opening, the child drops to the bottom of the waiting list.  The waiting date will then be changed to the date the opening was declined.   If parents fail to contact us with the 48 hour period, Montessori assumes that the family is no longer interested in our program and the child is removed from the waiting list.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify Montessori of any changes in contact information.  If parents cannot be reached due to invalid contact information, the child is removed from the waiting list.


When an opening is available, the Director will contact you to offer you a start date and classroom assignment. The parent then has 48 hours to accept this spot. If six months have passed since the initial enrollment application was completed, a new application must be completed. A current copy of the child’s immunization record must be supplied to the office prior to the child’s start date. Also at this time the parents and the child will be invited to the classroom in order to begin the transition into the Montessori program.